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ISO Certificates

ISO 9001-2008
ISO 14001-2004


Packaging: 1L1,5L3L5L25L208L1000L
Ethylen glycol based antifreeze concentrate with anorganic corrosion inhibitor. 
Nitrite, amine and phosphate free. 
Protects against corrosion all metals such as steel, solder, copper, cast iron, brass, aluminum. 
Meets all required standards according to: 
-ASTM D3306 
-ASTM D 1384 
-CUNA NC 956-16 -BS 6580:1992 
It can be mixed with other ethylen glycol based antifreeze, except those made with organic acid technology (OAT type) Recommended changing period – 2-3 years (depending on system working conditions) 

Dilution scale:

ANTIFRIZ 100          WATER          FREEZING POINT °C
          1                              1                              -36
          1                            1,5                             -25
          1                              2                              -18